Manifesting & attracting abundant living, prosperity & wealth.

Hello there, welcome to my website. You might have come here, because you want to find inspiration to create success and abundance in your life. I hope you will find lots of inspiration and help with manifesting the life you are dreaming of. Any feedback is welcome.

On our website we deal with the issues of Abundance, discussing what Abundance can mean to us – have a look at the 6 tips for Abundance. Do you have a scarcity mentality? If so, you might want to change it into one of abundance. Maintaining an abundance mentality on a daily basis might not be easy, but is not impossible either, have a look at what we say under Abundance.

We often see Success mainly in material ways. I look at what success can mean to us – given different examples under Success. Have a look at my 12 tips for Success – certainly a list that can be extended.

Creating success and abundance depends on the way we think, our beliefs and intentions. Do you think, believe and feel like a millionaire? Are you worthy to have money? Success and abundance cannot happen, if you feel scarcity in your heart. Do you abundantly engage with life, or is your heart shut off? How do successful people create success? Often, success starts with a clarity as to where we are in life, what our strengths are, where we want to be in, say 5 years, what talents, what desires we have.

Success often begins with Setting Goals. When you go to Success & Goals in business, work and life, we explain how to best set goals that will work for you. How do you best make your goals work for you? It is not enough to create them, write them down, place them strategically, so you see them, are reminded of them daily? When you work with your subconscious, watch your internal dialogue, your thoughts, work on your beliefs and develop and attitude of success, combined with taking action, you have a much better change of achieving your goals and creating success.

Success starts with setting a strong intention and is fuelled by your beliefs, too. It is with a strong intention that we create success, and our language gives away whether we have created a strong intention. Often, intentions are linked with expectations. Without expectations, we would lack the motivation to create success, with too narrow an expectation, we prevent the best possible success to come our way: in wanting to control success and abundance, we do manifesting success and abundancenot allow what is best for us to appear in our life.

You can use available tools to support goals and success – affirmations and visualizations, attention to our inner dialogue, to our life as it presents itself from moment to moment, to our thoughts and beliefs and the emotions we feel on a daily basis. Negative emotions can point out areas that we need to work on, as they prevent us from achieving goals and success, they teach us to shift, let go, heal and forgive.

Beliefs can propel us forward or hold us back. Most of us hold limiting beliefs in areas of our life. It is our job to allow ourselves to become aware of them, so we change them and ourselves with it. We might find limiting beliefs, because a good friend points them out, because of our reaction to certain situations, when we are confronted with strong fear, by looking at what has been holding us back up to now. We can change our beliefs and often that is a step-by-step process. Changing a belief ‘we are powerless’ into one that says ‘we are all powerful’ might never happen. We shift such a belief in stages, though, and align with a more positive one, like choosing to believe we can challenge, change and shift a belief of being powerless, adopting this as a belief first, then ‘we are connecting with our inner power more and more often’, for example – and over the years, we feel more empowered step by step.

Beliefs form our attitudes, too. It is our attitude we can choose in any given situation, however negative it might appear to us. We change our attitude and with it our life, we change our life positively which allows us to develop a more positive attitude, too.

Motivation is the source behind goals, success and abundance. Without it we will run out of fuel, we will cease to take action for our business, we cease to want to become a better person. Motivation comes to us in different ways – sometimes by a lack of something. When a lack in knowledge holds us back, we might go back to school to better our chances for success. Some of us are motivated by external factors, and external success in form of abundance can be a huge motivation. Others connect with more intrinsic values: success and abundance can be an expression of their creativity, their passion for life, their need to learn and expand in many different ways. Often, we have a mixture of both; they can both be a driving force behind success.

Manifesting the life we desire is a complex and simple process at the same time. All we have to do is to think positive thoughts, do we not? Maybe it is not as easy as that. Manifesting always happens at the level we are at. When we expand as human beings, our manifestations become more expansive; we will also find the right mixture of taking action and

There are principles behind manifestation, the law of attraction, success and abundance. We discover aspects of them,
part of them over time, work with them, discard them or find them useful, only to expand our vision and awareness on manifesting, when we expand as human beings. Over time, we can work with the ideas and principles behind creation, abundance, quantum physics, the law of attraction, using our beliefs, thoughts and attitudes, our motivation, our tools, like visualization, affirmations and feelings to an ever better extent – we become more conscious co-creators of our world.

Please also join my blog where I am talking about specific aspects of abundance, success, and manifesting the life we desire – sometimes in writing, sometimes via a video.

Please watch the video I created where I talk about myself, why I created the website, and how you can join me in abundance. You will find it under the About Me-tab. Instead of explaining the reasons behind creating this website, it is easier to watch the video, and, so I trust, it is more personal, too.

Are you looking for an opportunity to earn extra income, build a business with my help, would you like to join me in abundance? If so, click on Join Abundance, and you can watch a video which will, if interested, guide you through a series of videos, explaining how you can join me in abundance, how you can earn extra income, and build a business with my help.

Finally, you might also be interested in reading any of my books which you can find on:

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